Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Erik Viktor - Driller nanorobots

"Driller" nanorobots being injected into an artery through the tip of a needle.

Erik Viktor - Surgeon nanobot

Surgeon nanobot "Drillers" carefully remove a blood clot from an obstructed vein. These robots can operate autonomously or through teleoperation by a surgeon.

Erik Viktor - Driller nanobot

"Driller" nanorobot approaches a sick red blood cell for the final kill.

Erik Viktor - Stinger nanobot

A "Stinger" engages in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. The Stinger nanorobot can inject a toxin or medicine of choice, either autonomously, or through teleoperation.

Erik Viktor - Drillers, Peepers, Stingers

"Drillers, Peepers, Stingers" engage in a delicate surgical operation to remove a cancer tumor. Whilst the Stingers inject a toxin, Drillers cut deep into the tumor. A Peeper broadcasts the whole video scene to the surgeon.

Erik Viktor - Living Fog

"The Living Fog" as envisioned by Storrs Hall or alternatively Eric Drexler's "Grey Goo". This artwork could illustrate a living fog made out of billions of replicating nanorobots gone mad -- transforming every single molecule on earth into a perfect copy of itself...

Erik Viktor - Atoms AFM

In this picture atoms are being moved by the single atom tip of a Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Apart from allowing scientist to image atoms, this instrument also allows them to actually move them one at the time.

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